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Database Manager

Under the direction of the Program Manager, and in collaboration with the Project Management Team, the Database Manager is responsible for overseeing the organization's databases. This position has three primary responsibilities: database management and development, data integration and analysis, and staff training. This position is responsible for the acquisition, analysis and utilization of data from multiple partnerships to support FishWise's sustainable seafood objectives. Within FishWise, the Database Manager is responsible for the integrity of the database systems, the data flow management, and identifying and implementing improvements to the systems to ensure that the highest quality information is used in partnership reporting and project planning.

• Serve as the point-person within FishWise responsible for the management and development of all current and future databases.
• Maintain relational database structures, write and test scripts, perform data imports, uploads, queries, reports, and extracts according to established protocols including exporting and importing to and from Microsoft Excel and other document formats.
• Provide technical support and customer service to internal users with data requests, issue resolutions, and the creation of effective end-user layouts.
• Provide customized ongoing training to current and new staff in up-to-date Filemaker techniques for data imports, queries, tables, and data pulls.
• Work with users to create and maintain instruction manuals and business rules, and post documents to a shared drive for all staff to access.
• Work to streamline, improve, and implement data collection, analyses, and reporting processes to increase efficiencies across departments and users.
• Collaborate with staff in assessing and interpreting partners needs and requirements to build new solutions.
• Administer user accounts with appropriate security and access level options.
• Diagnose problems as they occur, and identify and implement solutions.
• Schedule routine updates and maintenance.

Required Qualifications
• 2+ years experience working with relational databases
• Proficient with Filemaker Pro Advanced 12 and Microsoft Excel in a Mac environment
• Basic statistical analysis and code writing knowledge
• QA/QC experience
• Creative, self-driven, and proactive with the determination to find solutions
• Ability to meet deadlines and to manage multiple projects simultaneously
• Experience working in a collaborative office or professional environment
• Excellent professional writing and editing skills
• Excellent communication and organizational skills
• A demonstrated passion for the stewardship of the oceans and/or the environment

Preferred Qualifications 
• Bachelor’s degree in a related field or relevant certifications
• Filemaker Server, Filemaker Go, and web publishing experience
• PHP, API, and SQL knowledge

How performance is evaluated 
• Accuracy and integrity of database contents
• Timeliness and quality of reports
• Completion of projects on time and in an efficient manner
• Quality of oral and written communications
• Degree of involvement in development initiatives
• Ability to be a team player

Hours and Benefits 
• This is a full-time position based in the FishWise office in Santa Cruz, CA. 
• Compensation is competitive and commensurate with experience. 
• Full medical, dental, vision, life, 401K, and vacation and sick leave accrual. 
• Office hours: Monday - Friday, 9:00AM-5:00PM 
• Evening and weekend work will sometimes be required. 
• Occasional business travel and personal transportation is required.

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FishWise Internship

The Intern’s primary responsibility is two-fold: 1) to provide support to existing member retailer partners and 2) provide general office support. The intern will work with existing Project Managers who are the main customer service contact for retail partners with questions or needs after the launch of the FW program. The intern will help them support these partnerships through materials development and shipment, newsletters and website updates. The Intern will conduct work to support major buyer partnerships with database work and species research. The Intern will also conduct general office work such as assisting with technology, cleaning, and purchasing supplies. The Project Managers will provide direction and oversight to the Intern.

• Provide support to the Project Managers to support independent partnerships including: creating promotional sheets in Adobe Illustrator, writing and editing monthly newsletter pieces, materials shipments, etc. 
• Correct store audits as needed to help improve seafood label accuracy for retailers. 
• Research the sustainability of various seafood products in order to recommend sourcing action for partners.
• Assist with research of and networking for product sourcing.. 
• Update and enter ratings and certifications in databases for seafood products. 
• Summarize scientific reports/seafood news for internal and external communication.  
• Conduct analyses of seafood inventory for partners using Filemaker and Excel. 
• Write weekly blog for FishWise website.
• Update and develop new promotional materials. Print and collate as needed. Organize digital files and photos.. 
• Perform various clerical duties including typing, answering phones, ordering software, and general office upkeep. 
• Opportunity to develop unique independent project based off personal interests in seafood sustainability.

• Dedication and passion for the stewardship of the oceans. 
• Bachelor’s degree in a related field.
• Basic understanding and desire to learn more about seafood sustainability criteria and relevant stakeholders e.g. supply chain businesses, NGOs, and government agencies. 
• Excellent Mac-computer skills including Microsoft Office & Adobe Suite. 
• Strong communication skills and reliability.
• Ability to meet deadlines and to manage multiple simultaneous projects. 
• Experience working in a collaborative office or professional environment. 
• Self-starter, motivated, and able to work with limited oversight. 
•  Ability to learn new skills quickly and independently, such as Filemaker database management, Joomla website maintenance, EndNote, etc.
• Self-motivation, flexibility, and a positive “can-do” attitude.

• This is a part-time position based in the FishWise office in Santa Cruz, CA. 
• Office hours: Monday - Friday, 9:00AM-5:00PM 
• Evening and weekend work will sometimes be required. 
• Personal transportation is required. 

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