Seafood Restaurants

FishWise restaurant partnerships feature some of the most dedicated companies in sustainable seafood. Via staff training and sourcing support, FishWise helps restaurant businesses, particularly sushi companies to stand out from the crowd and maintain some of the strongest commitments to sustainable seafood.

Geisha Sushi (partner since 2011) is the first sushi bar in Santa Cruz County, and among the first in the country, to commit to providing only sustainable options to its guests. Geisha’s goal is to play its part in returning the art of sushi to a state of balance with nature by maintaining a daily commitment to sustainable menu choices. Geisha is a full-service sushi bar with a remarkable variety of the freshest seafood choices, in addition to an innovative tea and vegetarian menu. Their fresh, seasonal offerings change on a weekly basis, which is both a basic principle in sustainability and in the spirit of the original do (way) of sushi.

Tataki Sushi and Sake Bar’s mission is to showcase the beauty and delicacy of Japanese cuisine while respecting the sanctity and fragility of our environment. “If we are to preserve the art of sushi,” says Tataki, “we must also safeguard the health and biodiversity of our oceans.” With this in mind, they strive everyday to integrate the concept of sustainable dining into their menu options.

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