Consumer Outreach

FishWise helps seafood businesses develop a range of consumer outreach tools to educate, create transparency and drive sales. Educating the consumer and building awareness increases demand for sustainable seafood and strengthens trust in brands.

  • Communicating your sustainability goals fosters confidence in your company’s environmental ethics while you are making inventory changes.
  • Providing materials and marketing cues that tell the environmental story behind products allows the consumer to understand sustainability agendas.
  • Updates on the company website, blog and social networking venues help change purchasing habits and make your company a destination for sustainable seafood.
  • Outreach vehicles such as brochures and pocket cards at the point of sale are essential for unstaffed seafood areas such as a freezer case or canned grocery aisle.

We can work independently or with your design and merchandising teams to create promo sheets, web pages, blog entries and other materials that help promote the sustainability of your products in easy-to-understand terms.