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FishWise is a sustainable seafood consultancy that promotes the health and recovery of ocean ecosystems through environmentally and socially responsible practices. FishWise uses market-based approaches to achieve responsible business practices and create change on the water. This science-based and business-friendly approach has allowed FishWise to build partnerships and strong working relationships with industry, government, and NGOs.

We believe that healthy ocean ecosystems and freshwater habitats are vital to maintain biological diversity and are the building blocks of a long term and sustainable seafood industry. By combining credible science and NGO expertise, the innovation of seafood businesses, and the power of informed consumers, FishWise believes that we can chart a new course for the seafood industry. Our belief is that everyone in the supply chain has an important role to play, from the coastal communities and companies that farm and catch fish, to the specialty retailers and distributors that differentiate themselves through sustainable business practices, to the largest companies that possess the leverage to drive innovation and conservation in their supply chains. All of us must work together to enact the change necessary to protect our ocean resources long into the future.

The Project Manager will be responsible for research, development, and execution of work plans on traceability and counter-IUU fishing, under the direction of the Project Director. Work plan goals are threefold: 1) to create tools and recommendations that help the seafood industry improve supply chain traceability and reduce the risk that seafood products are associated with IUU fishing or human rights abuses; 2) to facilitate discussions between key players to find novel solutions to traceability and IUU fishing challenges; and 3) to communicate progress and updates to a core group of NGOs, industry, and other stakeholders. The Project Manager will achieve these goals through collaboration with the seafood industry, government, academia, and NGOs.

Reporting: This position reports to the Project Director – Traceability and Counter-IUU Fishing.


  • Assist in the communication of progress and next steps on FishWise traceability and counter-IUU fishing work plans to a variety of audiences and collaborators via email, conference calls, and webinars.
  • Manage traceability improvements, tracking, and reporting for FishWise partners (including drafting and updating work plans, analyzing data, and writing summaries for partner reporting).
  • Work with global experts to create novel traceability and counter-IUU fishing solutions for the seafood industry.
  • Research and draft white papers, toolkits, policy briefs, and other analyses for the seafood industry; review technical documents (legislation, media stories, and reports) on traceability, illegal fishing, and human rights and summarize for target audiences.
  • Organize complex resources and guidance in business-friendly briefing documents for internal and external use.
  • Organize logistics for conference calls, webinars, and in-person meetings; record and distribute minutes.  
  • Assist in budget tracking and accounting against grants.
  • Become an expert over time on traceability and counter-IUU fishing legislation, challenges, and current approaches.
  • Attend and lead events for FishWise (conferences, meetings, webinars, etc.).


  • Dedication and passion for the stewardship of the oceans
  • Bachelors degree in a related field, Masters degree preferred
  • Minimum 2 years of relevant work experience
  • At minimum, a basic understanding of the global seafood traceability and counter-IUU fishing landscape, and a desire to become an expert in these topics over time
  • Knowledge of the retail seafood supply chain and procurement a plus
  • Excellent Mac-computer skills including Microsoft Office & Adobe Suite
  • Excellent professional writing and editing skills
  • Excellent verbal communication, public speaking, and presentation skills
  • Ability to meet deadlines and to manage multiple simultaneous projects
  • Experience working in a collaborative office or professional environment
  • Self-starter, motivated, and able to work with limited oversight
  • Experience breaking down large amounts of material into cohesive units that can be easily understood by target audiences (e.g. seafood businesses, NGOs, and government agencies)
  • Experience event planning, organizing conference calls, and planning travel preferred

Hours and Benefits

  • This is a full-time position preferably based in the FishWise office in Santa Cruz, CA
  • Remote positions also considered
  • Compensation is competitive and commensurate with experience
  • Competitive benefit package
  • Office hours: Monday – Friday, 9:00AM-5:00PM
  • Evening and weekend work will sometimes be required
  • Occasional business travel and personal transportation is required

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SALT Project Manager

FishWise is seeking a Project Manager to provide internal management and support to the Project Director, and the multi-stakeholder Seafood Alliance for Legality and Traceability (SALT) project. Working with the Project Director, the Project Manager will be charged with planning and executing a variety of key processes that will progress the work of SALT to improve traceability in seafood supply chains, fisheries management, and biodiversity. S/he will be tasked with ensuring the team is progressing and tracking against the strategic plan, and will provide the team with timely and effective communications related to traceability and illegal fishing. The ideal candidate will have strong personal and interpersonal communication skills, a passion for ocean stewardship, and superior project management experience.

In coordination with the Project Director, the Project Manager will assist in the creation of a platform to achieve the traceability goals by coordinating strategic convenings, implementing a knowledge management platform, coordinate with seafood companies and market and source country governments at meetings and conferences, and create a SALT website. This position reports to the SALT Project Director.

Primary Duties and Responsibilities

The Project Manager will perform the following and other duties as assigned:

  • Support the Project Director’s communications with USAID and the Walton Family Foundation.
  • Contribute to and organize logistics for the SALT co-design process, resulting in the creation of a governance structure, work plan, monitoring, evaluation and learning (MEL) plan, set of stakeholder engagements, and launch of SALT.
  • Support SALT’s strategic and long-term goals.
  • Plan, coordinate, and execute the work plan, in collaboration with the Project Director.
  • Coordinate meetings, travel, logistics, and communications for the project.
  • Advance FishWise and SALT’s prominence in the field by working with global traceability and IUU experts, engaging in multi-stakeholder collaborations, and networking at industry and NGO conferences and events.
  • Review technical documents, reports, legislation, and news on traceability and illegal fishing to: 1) stay educated, updated and informed on latest developments, 2) summarize into publications and business friendly briefing documents for diverse audiences and, 3) use this information and resulting deliverables to inform the activities, work plan, and strategic plan of SALT.
  • Support the implementation of a MEL plan, marketing and branding strategy, and results chain for the project.
  • Work with the Project Director to implement and execute knowledge management, communication and process systems for all components of SALT.
  • Lead all communications under the direction of the Project Director, including the creation and maintenance of the SALT website, press releases, meeting correspondence, public information briefs, and various other communications vehicles.


The successful candidate will have the following minimum qualifications:

  • Dedication and passion for the stewardship of the oceans, biodiversity, food security, and human rights
  • Two plus years of relevant work experience and a Bachelors degree required; three years of experience and an advanced degree preferred
  • Excellent Mac-computer skills including Microsoft Office & Adobe Suite
  • Ability to quickly learn and use project management software (e.g. Podio) and other programs
  • Superb written and oral communication skills
  • Ability to meet deadlines and to manage multiple simultaneous work streams
  • Experience working in a collaborative office and professional environment
  • Self-starter, motivated, and able to work with limited oversight
  • Experience breaking down complex topics and documents into materials that can be easily understood by target audiences
  • Established network within the seafood industry, ocean conservation, or biodiversity fields preferred
  • An understanding of seafood stakeholder interests, concerns and motivations related to improving seafood traceability and addressing IUU fishing and human rights abuses
  • Foreign language skills a plus

Compensation and Location

FishWise offers an excellent benefits package and a competitive salary that is commensurate with experience. This position will be located in Santa Cruz, CA.

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About Seafood Alliance for Legality and Traceability (SALT)

The Seafood Alliance for Legality and Traceability (SALT) is an anticipated five-year project that will engage a vast network of participants, including market-state governments, source country governments, industry, and other stakeholders seeking to improve traceability in seafood supply chains. To begin the work, FishWise and a third-party consultant, will lead an extensive co-design process. USAID, the Walton Family Foundation and other funders, and a cross-sector group of leaders will provide extensive input in the co-design, while other stakeholders will be invited to participate at various steps in the process. The desired result of SALT is to create a collaboration platform that leads to improvements in fisheries sustainability and marine biodiversity through enhanced traceability and transparency that enables and incentivizes stronger fisheries management and increased industry self-regulation. SALT will work toward the achievement of these goals:

  • Expand accessible, interoperable, electronic catch documentation and traceability.
  • Increase source country capacities to apply electronic catch documentation and traceability to strengthen fisheries management and to verify fisheries data within these systems.
  • Increase incentives and capacities for industry to apply electronic traceability to ensure the legality of wild-caught fisheries products in their supply chains.

These outcomes will be achieved through increased collaboration, application and scaling of good practices for traceability and transparency, fisheries management, as well as responsible business processes through engagement in a multi-stakeholder community of practice. Targeted and facilitated learning within and between pilot sites will also be a key strategy to achieve the outcomes.

For more information on FishWise and SALT, please visit


FishWise Internship

The Intern’s primary responsibility is two-fold: 1) to provide support to existing member retailer partners and 2) provide general office support. The intern will work with existing Project Managers who are the main customer service contact for retail partners with questions or needs after the launch of the FW program. The intern will help them support these partnerships through materials development and shipment, newsletters and website updates. The Intern will conduct work to support major buyer partnerships with database work and species research. The Intern will also conduct general office work such as assisting with technology, cleaning, and purchasing supplies. The Project Managers will provide direction and oversight to the Intern.


  • Provide support to the Project Managers to support independent partnerships including: creating promotional sheets in Adobe Illustrator, writing and editing monthly newsletter pieces, materials shipments, etc.
  • Correct store audits as needed to help improve seafood label accuracy for retailers.
  • Research the sustainability of various seafood products in order to recommend sourcing action for partners.
  • Assist with research of and networking for product sourcing.
  • Update and enter ratings and certifications in databases for seafood products.
  • Summarize scientific reports/seafood news for internal and external communication.
  • Conduct analyses of seafood inventory for partners using Filemaker and Excel.
  • Write weekly blog for FishWise website.
  • Update and develop new promotional materials. Print and collate as needed. Organize digital files and photos.
  • Perform various clerical duties including typing, answering phones, ordering software, and general office upkeep.
  • Opportunity to develop unique independent project based off personal interests in seafood sustainability.


  • Dedication and passion for the stewardship of the oceans
  • Bachelor’s degree in a related field
  • Basic understanding and desire to learn more about seafood sustainability criteria and relevant stakeholders e.g. supply chain businesses, NGOs, and government agencies
  • Excellent Mac-computer skills including Microsoft Office & Adobe Suite
  • Strong communication skills and reliability
  • Ability to meet deadlines and to manage multiple simultaneous projects
  • Experience working in a collaborative office or professional environment
  • Self-starter, motivated, and able to work with limited oversight
  • Ability to learn new skills quickly and independently, such as Filemaker database management, Joomla website maintenance, EndNote, etc
  • Self-motivation, flexibility, and a positive “can-do” attitude


  • This is a part-time position based in the FishWise office in Santa Cruz, CA
  • Office hours: Monday – Friday, 9:00AM-5:00PM
  • Evening and weekend work may be required
  • Personal transportation is required

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